Why Vote Fitzpatrick For School Board Chair?

Why Vote Fitzpatrick For School Board Chair?

1.) Fitz cares deeply about students and teachers. Fitz is running for a 50% pay cut because he believes it is worth it if it means putting an educationally informed individual on the school board.

2.) Fitz believes that student safety should be the first priority of all schools.

3.) Fitz understands education. Fitz has 25 years of experience in education...12 as a teacher and 13 as an administrator. Fitz understands the many difficult challenges that schools face.

4.) Fitz has worked at many different schools, both affluent and impoverished, high school and middle school, and he understands the challenges and strengths of each unique school population. Fitz was an Assistant Principal at Boone HS and Apopka HS for three years each. Fitz has also worked at Ocoee HS, Apopka Memorial Middle School, and the Orange Technical College Campuses of Westside, Winter Park, and Avalon.

5.) Fitz is currently in his 4th year as an Assistant Director for OCPS Orange Technical College. Fitz understands the great value and opportunity that Career Technical Education offers to all students. Fitz has seen firsthand how technical colleges work with industry partners to provide high-skilled employees to meet the demands of local businesses and industries.

6.) Fitz isn’t a politician. Fitz believes in serving the students, parents, teachers, schools, and communities rather than serving political parties and deep-pocket donors. Fitz will call out either political party if what they are pushing is bad for students and teachers. Fitz won’t be worried about getting re-elected by a political party.

7.) Fitz understands the importance of strong academic, arts, and athletics programs. As the former District Athletic Director for OCPS, Fitz understands the powerful role that both curricular and extracurricular programs can play in the healthy development of children.

8.) Fitz believes in the appropriate scheduling of students. Fitz believes students should be scheduled according to their interests and abilities. Fitz believes all students should have access to the most rigorous courses available. Fitz does not believe students should be forced into AP courses just for acceleration points to help the school grade. Students will always be more important than the school grade.

9.) Fitz believes in the power of positive relationships between students and teachers. Fitz will work to make all schools positive learning environments. Fitz believes students learn best from teachers they like in settings where they feel safe.

10.) Fitz believes in a common sense, consistent approach to student discipline that includes meaningful consequences to encourage good behavior.

11.) Fitz believes, as a school district, we must attract, develop, respect, and retain our great teachers. Fitz believes the best source of professional development is found in the classroom of a great teacher.

12.) Fitz believes in transparency and fiscal responsibility. Fitz believes in putting all the cards on the table and working extra hard to find the win-win wherever and whenever possible.

13.) Fitz believes in fostering a love of reading in all students. Fitz believes setting the bar of reading at proficiency is too low. Fitz believes we ought to set the bar at all students acquiring a love for reading. Fitz believes that a student who does not read is no better off than a student who can not read.

14.) Fitz believes in the developmental importance of play and recess. Fitz will protect and push for the appropriate and healthy development of students.

15.) Fitz believes in protecting students from the misguided state mandates that lead to over testing and lost instructional time. Fitz will be a strong champion against the destructive policies of high-stakes testing at the 3rd grade level and inappropriate Kindergarten entrance exams.

Please share with your friends and family. We need 500 shares on this post to have a chance. Vote Matthew Fitzpatrick for Orange County School Board Chair.

Thanks for Voting Fitz...

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