Recess and Play

Recess and Play 7-27-2018

I am going to be putting out some specific positions on different issues related to education and my campaign for Orange County School Board Chair. The first issue I would like to touch on is Recess and Play.

I am a strong advocate for recess and play. When I was growing up, we had two recess breaks--one with lunch, and then another 15 minute break in the afternoon. Students need to move around, have brain breaks, have something to look forward to each day to break up all the intense learning and student achievement, and they need to develop social interaction skills on their own. Student behavior and engagement improve in the classroom when students are given breaks to release energy and stress. Recess is a big part of healthy childhood development. Students aren't working in some kind of learning factory.

When I heard that OCPS did not have recess for many years due to an intense focus on student achievement, I was shocked and disgusted with what we have turned education into. I can't believe that our School Board would have even argued against recess. They were forced to rethink their position when parents organized against their nonsense. It's sad that parents and teachers have to wait for an election year to see even a hint of positive change.

If I am elected, parents won't have to organize against me to do what is right for children...I will be leading the way...and that's how a bad system changes long before the students suffer under such terrible policies and practices. We need student-centered leadership...we need informed voices on our School Board that will stand up for our students and teachers in order to build strong schools and strong communities. I will be a recess champion at both the district and state level...that's a campaign promise you can take to the bank.

And I must add, our state needs to change as well. Have we become so test-centric and accountability driven that we now have to pass laws that require schools to include recess...that shows the current condition of education in our state in a's sad...

Please share with your friends...let them know how important this election is...we need true leaders that care about students...not politicians who care about their deep pocket donors and getting re-elected. Thanks for your support.

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