Holding Ground for Common Sense in Education

Holding Ground for Common Sense in Education 6-30-18

I strongly believe that the things we are fighting for are the right way to go in education. I believe that we must drive the current conversation back in the direction of common sense.. Our current way of thinking is driving great teachers off. Great teachers will forever drive the quality of instruction within our schools.

We, as a society, must come to the realization that if great teachers are complaining and leaving the profession they love due to the current trends in education, we have a systemic problem that must be addressed. It starts by acknowledging we took a wrong turn when we went after teachers and treated them like they’re lazy and they don’t know what they’re doing.

Are there bad teachers that need to find another profession? Absolutely! But if we project such an image on to every teacher, and we treat all teachers likewise, the number of bad teachers will only climb higher as our great teachers call it quits, and the would-be-new teachers find some other career to pursue.

I’ve read that the current education programs in colleges are down 40-50%...students simply are not going into education. This is happening while the baby-boomers are retiring...the writing is on the wall if we don’t wise up. I also continue to read that 50% of all new teachers call it quits before their 5th year.

These numbers cannot be sustained. The folks studying data charts in order to ramp up accountability, rigor, mastery, and acceleration need to lift their heads up for a moment and start studying reality. There were great teachers before we sold the farm to implement our current snake oil strategies to improve learning and college and career readiness. Those great teachers were shining a light in the direction of where education needed to go.

We have left that path. We are wandering in the no-man’s-land of ever increasing conformity and compliance, and it doesn’t end well for society. Passionate teachers came into education because it was their very heartbeat. They lived to express their compassion, passion, and content-area expertise. If you rob them of their passion and autonomy, there is nothing holding them to the dying carcass of scripted facilitation and data collection.

Teachers don’t want to complain...they want to teach. I’ve heard that “teachers don’t vote”. I have to disagree. Teachers are voting right now...they are voting on our current education philosophies and methodologies...not with pencil and paper...they are voting with their feet. They are leaving. If people don’t think teachers vote, those people are not paying attention...it’s that simple. In the end, I believe all of society will find that the way teachers vote will ultimately affect us all, for good or bad.

In conclusion, I’m okay with being treated like a nut...I’m going to continue to hold my ground and fight for what I believe is right in education. It’s common sense...and we need to bring it back to the classroom.

If you like what you’ve read and you want to stand ground with me, click on the link below to learn more or to give online. We need help spreading the message...any amount helps.

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