Passion for Education

My family had the distinct privilege of visiting Northwest Church in Lockhart this past Sunday. Northwest is led by Senior Pastor Mark "Fish" Evans and his wife Dr. Crystal "Backstop" Evans (that's her old ping pong nickname). Dr. Crystal was preaching on this particular Sunday, and the topic of her talk was "Don't Worry". We stayed for all three services because it was a great opportunity to talk to old friends and new friends alike...and it was also a great opportunity to collect some petition signatures to get on the ballot as a Candidate for Orange County School Board District 7.

We were lucky enough to hear Dr. Crystal's message about not worrying 3 times...maybe we needed that message more than anything else. When you are excited about campaigning for a job that will cut your salary in half, and your family is basically a single-income household, well, worrying would seem to be a logical course of action. I was thinking maybe my wife needed to hear that message 3 times...but she's completely onboard. That's what passion will do to a person. "Passion is caught, not taught." Passion comes from the Latin word which means "to suffer". When you are passionate about something, you are willing to give up time, energy, money and sleep...anything and everything...and you do it all with joy because it's the very heartbeat of your life--you see something at the end of the road that makes it all worthwhile. If we take the joy out of a teacher's passion, it's little wonder why they would start looking elsewhere to invest their life. Teachers are driven by passion. The truly great teachers will not accept an existence without joy and passion. It saddens me to say that I see a lot of great teachers just holding on in hopes that something will soon change.

My passion, my very heartbeat, is to help students...and I know that the best way that I can help students is by helping teachers run free and pursue their passion to inspire and help their students find success. Anyone who would go into teaching has a certain degree of passion. Our job as administrators is to guard the passion of our teachers so that it can grow in power and focus. A school system should never put into practice policies that would hinder or hobble the pure passion of its teachers. Give teachers the state standards for their course and let them run free. Teachers didn't go into teaching for riches, fame and power...they went into teaching because of set them free and watch the difference that being passion-driven can make. Do you want passionate students? Then you have to fight for passionate teachers...

"Passion is caught, not taught!"

"Pursue your passion, not your pension."

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